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The CHASS “At Home in the World” Endowed Student Award Fund exists to help students minimize the gap between their own financial resources and the total cost of an international experience. The fund, designated for CHASS undergraduate students with financial need, is designed to assist students with the financial costs of studying, researching, or interning abroad. The award, established by CHASS Dean Milagros Peña and supported by generous alumni, gives students the opportunity to pursue international experiences that have the power to be truly transformative.

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Student awards are made annually to support international travel and related expenses for undergraduate CHASS majors for academic study relevant to the major and/or a service learning opportunity.

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Close to 60% of UCR undergraduates are first-generation college students and more than half are Pell-Grant recipients. These students may see cost as a barrier to pursuing an international experience. Your support will provide more CHASS students with the necessary support to explore the unfamiliar, gain new perspectives, fuel personal growth, and understand people, cultures, and languages different than their own.