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Your generous contributions in the UH Athletic Fund for Excellence is 100% tax deductible and will allocated to the Athletic Directior for his discretionary use. The success of UH Athletics and our amazing student-athletes would not be possible without your commitment to the success of our student-athletes on and off the court.

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UH Athletic Fund for Excellence

The UH Athletics Department is responsible for contributing expenses (operations, equipment, facilities, travel, and recruiting) for more than 400 student-athletes who compete across 21 different sports within the NCAA Division I setting. The UH Fund for Excellence paves the way for Rainbow Warrior & Wahine supporters to provide studnet-athletes with the opportunity to succeed at the highest level.

UH Athletic Fund for Excellence

Your generous contributions to the UH Athletic Fund for Excellence will help enusre the long term stability of all 21 Divison sports by supporting the operational needs of the entire UH Athletic Department.

Why are your tax-deductible donatoins needed?

Every donor makes a difference and your gift, no matter the size, has a direct impact on the lives of student-athletes at the University of Hawaii-Manoa. As we continue to pursue excellence on and off the field, it is imperative that our student-athletes to continue to receive the support they need to compete at the highest levels. More and more we are becoming reliant on private funding in order to successfully execute our mission. Your donation to the UH Athletic Fund for Excellence will help us provide all 21 intercollegiate programs with the resources needed to successfully prepare our student-athletes for life beyond collegiate athletics.