Undergrad Summer Internship Fund at Columbia Engineering (SEAS) - Columbia Giving Day 2018

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The Columbia Engineering Summer Internship Fund

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Summer Internship Fund

Internship support provides financial assistance to students who are pursuing unpaid or low-paying summer internships that they would not otherwise be able to take advantage of.

Gifts support the schools, initiatives, projects, and causes that matter most to us.

Since its founding over 150 years ago, Columbia Engineering has remained at the forefront of exciting scientific discovery and advancement. Today, the School continues to push the boundaries of engineering research, while also educating the brightest young minds from across the globe. As the students and faculty all drive towards tackling the most pressing issues facing humanity, support from the larger community becomes increasingly important.

Why donate?

Many students depend on income from summer jobs. Thanks to the Summer Internship Fund, they can instead pursue unpaid or low-paying internships, leveling the playing field and preparing them for careers in today’s rapidly changing market.