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The NNU University Fund is the heart that keeps the university healthy and functioning. It is vital to sustaining current student scholarships and keeping the cost of an NNU education reasonable. Like a heart, the University Fund must continue to grow stronger if NNU is to grow and thrive.

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The university is not only committed to operating on a balanced budget but also to controlling the cost of attending NNU for its students. As NNU begins Century Two, we invite you to give a gift of any amount to the NNU University Fund to enable the transformative work of the university.

What will my donation be used for?

University Fund donations go to work immediately, providing essential support to the ones who need it most—NNU students. Contributions to the University Fund also help to meet NNU’s commitment to provide institutional scholarships.

Why are donations necessary?

Were tuition and fees NNU’s sole source of revenue, few prospective students would be able to afford the cost of higher education. University Fund giving provides critically needed support to help bridge the gap between the tuition and fees paid by students and the total cost of providing NNU’s education