Where my gift is needed most - Columbia Giving Day 2018

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Support the GS Annual Fund!

You make a difference in all aspects of the GS student experience! Your gifts to the GS Annual Fund are allocated according to our students' greatest needs. Increasing the funds available for financial aid is a top priority for the school, and gifts also support student life initiatives, professional development opportunities, and the expansion of the Core Curriculum to include more GS students.

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Thanks To Our Supporters!

The GS Annual Fund

The GS Annual Fund is the foundation of our school’s philanthropic tradition; gifts to the fund primarily support the school's top priority—financial aid—and help GS students make the most of their Columbia experience by underwriting academic and career advising, student life initiatives, and volunteer opportunities.

Your Impact

You open the door to an Ivy League education for a deserving nontraditional student, and you enrich the GS experience for all students. GS students go on to change lives and change the world, taking your investment in them and multiplying it exponentially.

GS Needs Your Support

The most important reason to give is your dedication to the mission and priorities of the School of General Studies at Columbia University. We are Columbia's newest and smallest undergraduate school, and as such, our endowment and our donor base are still growing. Your support helps us achieve parity with our peers and opens the door to a GS education for the most interesting, the most committed, and the most worthy applicants.