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Support Columbia Women's Golf

I want to thank our alumnae, family, and friends for all their continued support of the program. Your dedication has allowed our program to compete nationally at tournaments in Louisville, Clemson, and Augusta, and travel to Orlando, Florida for Ivy Leagues in 2016-2017. Building off the success of last season, we continue to raise our sights to new milestones and need your support to help us get there!

This year, my goal is to continue providing resources for the team that will develop them as student-athletes and will show recruits that Columbia is serious about Women’s Golf. In particular, I want to start planning for a foreign tour, which is common at other Ivy League institutions and will be instrumental in the development and morale of our student-athletes. This will be a major investment for which, in the long term, we would like to build an endowment that will fund trips every four years in perpetuity. In the short term, your support of Women's Golf on Giving Day will go a long way in helping us achieve these goals and set new records this year.

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Support Columbia Women's Golf

Your gift to the Columbia Women's Golf annual fund supports our student-athletes in all they do.

Where does the money go?

Your gift to Columbia Women's Golf supports the program in a variety of ways. It is applied to the costs of equipment, recruiting, travel, and everything else our coaches need annually to run the program efficiently. It helps our student-athletes have the best experience possible

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Donations from alumnae, parents, and friends are necessary for the program to be successful. With your support, we are working to fulfill our commitments to winning, the personal success and well-being of our student-athletes, and the Columbia community.