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Support Women's Ultimate Frisbee

Come out and share on Columbia Giving Day! This is a wonderful way for you to show your support for Women’s Ultimate. Give back to the program that had a meaningful impact on you or someone you know. Your generosity will have a direct impact on the club’s ability to achieve both short and long term aspirations. Allow your gift to have a positive influence on the Columbia Club Sports Community.

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Thanks To Our Supporters!

Support Women's Ultimate Frisbee

Your gift to Women's Ultimate Frisbee supports the club's annual efforts.

Where does the money go?

Your gift supports the club in a variety of ways. It is applied to the costs of equipment, travel, and everything else our club needs annually. It helps our students have the best experience possible.

Why donate?

Donations from alumni, parents, and friends are necessary for the club to be sustained. With your support, we are working to do our part in the Columbia community.